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February's Contest

Number of entries in this contest: 11

Winner of the contest: Dafidol



Contest Description: I have decided that the contest will be: WHO HAS THE MOST LOVED HORSE? but no, you do NOT have to own a real horse, if you do not, tell me about your dream horse! Your goal is to convince me you have the best horse ever.


PRIZE: this months winner will recive a bella sara acount with 50+ horses, 1,300+ horseshoes, and at least 10-15 items! :) Username is Bella1996luv. Will give the password to the winner.


Submitted by Dafidol:

Elestra Elestra is my cream colored Apaloosa and I love her. She has pale socks and wide eyes like melted chocolate and a velvety soft nose. Her mane is silky white and I like to brush it and braid ribbons into it. Elestra is four years old and I got her a year ago. I like to ride her bareback in the misty spring fields and listen to the birds singing. When i talk to her she watches me as if she understands. We have a close connection and I never want to leave my frisky little Elestra.